Group Class

Why Group Golf?

Group Golf is so much fun! Here students will get to play and learn about golf with their peers. This social interaction is great for making friends who golf and practicing golf etiquette. Group golf will often cover broader ranges of curriculum educating student on skills and golf knowledge. also Group golf is the most cost effect option of Aces' instruction.  At Aces we hold an unprecedented 6:1 student ratio so no matter the class size your student will still get plenty of attention from our staff. 

What Level Is Right For My Junior?

We recommend that most of our student begin with Aces in the Green Level. If your junior has extensive experience they may test into higher levels. Schedule a Private lesson with a staff member to have your student assessed or do your best to self place them. We suggest that a student should always be placed lower than where you think they may be at. As it is easier to encourage them to move up in the program rather than down to lower levels. 

How Does My Student Advance?

As student reach critical moments in their learning they will be tested in order to receive advancement pins. As soon a a student completes all advancement objectives they will be graduate to the next level. All Advancement Objectives must be witnessed by a Aces' Staff member in order to receive pins.