NCGA Youth On Course! What is it and how can your child benefit?

The mission of the NCGA Youth On Course (YOC) program is to grow the game of golf by giving parents affordable access to their local golf courses. We encourage all of our student to join YOC so that they can begin to take the skills they are learning with us and apply then to the golf course. I personally love this program because of the flexibility it can offer family's who wan to golf. As parents you can no longer worry about expensive green fees and time consuming rounds of golf. At a cost of $5 dollars around parents can now show up to the golf course after 3:00pm and take their kids out to play for as few or as many holes as they can handle.


YOC in a Nutshell - The basic principle is that the NCGA has a program that allows kids ages 6 -18 to play at participating golf courses after 3pm for $5.00 with an $18 annual fee. Both Crystal Spring and Deep Cliff are participating golf courses.

FAQ's about Joining YOC

1. How long does my membership last?

Memberships are valid for one calendar year (until January 1).

2. How much does a Youth on Course membership cost?

Membership cost varies based on region. The price is set in each region by the State/Regional Golf

Northern California: $18

What are the age restrictions for Youth on Course?

Youth are eligible for Youth on Course membership when they turn 6 years old. The membership is good until the summer after member graduates from high school (about the time they would normally head to college or into the workforce.)

Are there any restrictions for using a Youth on Course membership card?

You can play golf using your Youth on Course membership card as many times as you like – there is no limit, however, you can not use the card to play tournaments, competitions, or organized camps.

FAQ's for YOC Players

Do I have to take a curriculum?

Yes. After joining for the first time you will need to complete the online curriculum to get your membership number. You will get the link via email to the online curriculum after joining, and it takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Do I need take the curriculum before or after I pay for my membership?

When you pay you will receive an email right away prompting you to take the curriculum, so pay first.

What do I do with my membership number?

Having an active membership number means that you paid for the year and are able to use your membership. Your number can also be used to establish a handicap to use to track progress and compete in tournaments.

When will I get my membership number?

As soon as you complete the online curriculum you will be emailed your membership number.

How do I play golf for $5 or less?

After joining, you will get a membership card with your unique membership number on it. Bring this to the course during the designated Youth on Course times and you will play for $5 or less.

I’m traveling. Can I use my membership in a different state?

Absolutely! If there are participating courses in an area you are visiting, you are welcome to use your membership there regardless of where you live.

Do you pay for range balls or a cart?

No. Youth on Course does not cover range balls or carts, and we encourage our members to walk.

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